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Vehicle garbage can

[Product name]: New car trash can

[Product model]: GM models

[Product color]: black

【Product size】: 160*143*85mm

[Product Material]: Ontology ABS

[Product Features]: Large capacity, light and convenient

Most of the cars do not have convenient and practical waste bins. The appearance of this product has solved this problem!

Equipped with a removable hook for fixing! Can be hung,

It can be posted at a suitable place in the car! Can be clipped! very convenient! Just take off the hook and dump the garbage outside the car!

Car trash can is a must-have equipment for your life and travel. At home, it can replace the inconvenience caused by the large trash bins in your home. It is the preferred trash bin for placing snack shells on the bedside of your sofa. The cleanliness of the environment is more conducive to the cleanliness of your car.

1. The materials used are excellent and hygienic.

2. The appearance is exquisite and compact, does not take up space, easy to load and unload, and hang securely.

3. No smell, beautiful appearance.

4. The cover adopts the upturned design, and the cover is provided with a well opening, which is more convenient and easy to put.

5. The lid of the trash can is turned up, and a trash bag can be added to facilitate cleaning

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