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Safety Motorcycle Double Shoulder Straps

Motorcycle Safety Double Shoulder Straps For Kid - Great Gift for Birthday and Christmas.

[Product Material]: Polyester

[Product color]: black

[Applicable age]: Suitable for children aged 1-12, motorcycles, electric cars

[Product Introduction]: This is a special safety harness for motorcycles (electric cars). Children are like wearing straps for schoolbags. Their shoulders protect the children’s safety. A large safety buckle on the front secures the adults so they can sit in front. , You can also sit back, you can tighten the child.

[Usage]: The child puts on the double shoulder straps and buckles the small buckle (to prevent the double shoulder straps from spreading out). The adult binds the thick belt to his waist and then buckles the large buckle.


1. Before driving, you must repeatedly check whether the two buckles are inserted, whether the straps are worn properly, and adults should never drive fast, paying attention to child safety is the most important thing.

2. Before use, please buckle the two buckles, then vigorously pull the two buckles to see if they are strong, and then use them again, thank you.undefined  

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